About Us

Durham Nursery Schools are examples of best quality, consistent practice and they employ a bank of highly trained, quality staff, a resource which the Local Authority continually draw upon to help raise standards across the County, ensuring a high profile of Early Years for Durham Local Authority.

Best Quality

The Nursery Schools’ capacity for sustained high standards has been proven through Ofsted where 100% are at least good and 72% are outstanding and all have remained outstanding for at least 4 inspections, all providing value for money.

This proves that standards and quality are exceptionally high and remain consistently so, over a sustained period of time when massive challenges, changes and developments have taken place in Early Years Education.

Durham Nursery Schools effectively support the training and development of a diverse staff team, empowering all to lead and deliver projects and training at local and national levels.

Inclusive Practice and Additional Needs

Young children with additional needs benefit from the excellent Outreach service which provides highly trained staff that can support the child’s setting in meeting individual needs.

Staff expertise enhances early identification of young children with additional needs and helps to determine the support required to help individual children to maximise their potential.

At an early stage nursery staff can also identify and offer initial support to families and prepare the groundwork for the support structure required.

Children and Families

Provision within all Durham Nursery Schools is for children aged 2-5 year olds, resources are tailored to meet all their needs and budgets are dedicated to supporting the best education we can give our children.

There is a long and well established tradition of working closely with families, parents are welcomed and supported. In addition Nursery Schools have considerable experience of working within the local and wider communities they serve.

Collaboration and Training

Staff have a high level of expertise which is continuously developed through consistency of approach, good quality training and a focus on the learning needs of all children.

Durham’s Nursery Schools are committed to developing a high quality early years workforce based upon visionary, inspirational professional development. This includes the provision of student placements, specialist training courses, conferences and organised visits to other settings to share best practice with local, regional. national and international visitors.

Autonomy and Innovation

As a result of the autonomy invested in them by the Local Authority, Nursery Headteachers have a high level of confidence and competence as they have the freedom to make decisions on what is best/right for the young children and their families. ‘Best Practice’ is the expected standard and there are no compromises.  Consequently, the Nursery Schools are willing and able to take on and support new initiatives as they arise.