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Wider Role of Durham Nursery Schools

We have added additional information about the Durham Nursery School wider role with the Local Authority (LA). This includes information about current and future provision.  Please view or download the document below:

The Wider Role of Durham Nursery Schools

SEND Specialist Support

  • Durham Nursery Schools have highly qualified specialist staff who work in their own schools and other settings/schools within communities of learning developing practice to enable all children to have access the Early Years curriculum.
  • The nursery schools invest in training and resources to ensure the best support is available for identified children with particular needs.
  • We have developed strong links with additional support agencies and we work closely with parents on transition.
  • The nursery schools invest in training and resources to ensure the best support is available for identified children with particular needs.

Hosting Visits

  • Durham Nursery Schools are hubs of specialised early years provision and practitioners. We welcome visitors from all sectors of Early Years provision to share ideas and disseminate good practice with enthusiasm and passion.
  • As nursery schools we have the expertise in extending and developing how we work with young children to best develop their learning.

Sharing and Developing Quality Practice

  • Durham Nursery Schools have supported a number of different settings (including PVI, Children Centres and Primary Schools) in developing and sharing the vision of excellent early years practice.
  • As a group of nursery schools we work together developing projects, new initiatives and changes.
  • Durham Nursery Schools support leaders in settings/schools to improve Early Years outcomes for all children.

30 Hour Provision

  • All Durham Nursery Schools deliver quality provision  for 3 and 4 year olds as either the 30 hour extended entitlement or the 15 hour universal entitlement.

2 Year Old Provision

  • Durham Nursery Schools deliver high quality provision for 2 year olds, recognising the different needs these children have to 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Many of the nursery schools were the first in the Local Authority to deliver this service for both funded and paid places.

Enhancing Environments

  • Durham Nursery Schools take pride in offering stimulating and exciting environments for young children to learn.
  • As specialists in early years education we have developed stunning and innovative indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Access to outdoors is valued by all nursery schools and practitioners have considerable expertise and knowledge to maximise the learning opportunities for all young children, including ‘Forest School’ and ‘Beach School’ initiatives.

Future Workforce Development

  • Durham Nursery Schools host students from a variety of universities including Durham, Sunderland and Northumbria.
  • Etherley Lane Nursery School is part of the Teaching School Alliance and runs School Direct for Early Years Teacher Status offering placements for mainstream graduates.


  • Durham Nursery Schools offer CPD training on a variety of early years subjects including documentation, outdoor play, forest schools and enhancing environments. Training can be tailored to individual needs.


  • Durham Nursery Schools have experienced Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers who are actively involved in the moderation of assessments across a wide range of settings.

Specialised Early Years Research

  • Durham Nursery Schools have staff that are very interested in early years theory and national/international strategies, many are involved in pilot programmes, working parties and active research.

Training Packages

    • Nursery School Headteachers empower others and are a source of inspiration. They work collaboratively to develop and disseminate good practice with each other and to a range of other professionals across the Local Authority. We offer training opportunities suitable for all early years practitioners, leaders/managers in schools or other settings.

Please look at our individual school websites or visit us to see best practice in action.